Hi viewers, my name is Nandakishor, I am 35 and I am a web/graphic   designer based in Cochin-India. I started  drawing   from a young age and most of my design skills and knowledge are self   taught. I moved in to web design area while doing my Multimedia Animation & Design   Course at Toons, Animation Academy. On the course we learnt a range of skills   and software including Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, Maya, 3Dmax etc.


After graduating from my course, I had a wide portfolio of design   skills which could take me into many different sectors of business. But I   chose to follow the web design path. I started off going to practise web designing while looking for a permanent job.

I spent a lot of my time researching the web design area for building sites to meet all accessibility guidelines. I then started work as a web designer back in 2004 at Armsol, a   print graphics and web design studio in Cochin, Kerala-India.

My role at Armsol is heading up the web design department. I am working closely with the team of graphic designers, and I designed and   developed all of Blackprints web sites. A full portfolio of work and ofcourse the Armsol website can be found here.


I am currently employed with same company Armsol as their head of digital. My current role tasks me to manage the web department while being heavily involved in client briefings, writing proposals and helping to secure new business. I also carry out full UI and UX designs the layouts, work on graphics and interactive media and build all the XHTML sites ready to be developed into our in house content management system.

I started at Armsol on 4th Auguest 2004 and am loving the experience so far!


Please, take a look around my site, you can send me if your messages,comments,doubt anything based on web design area, or stop by my portfolio for a look at some of my latest web design work…And don’t be a stranger!